This page is outdated. Please check for up-to-date documentation.

To Launch a Spotguide do the following steps on the Banzai Cloud web interface:

  • Choose Spotguides from the left-side menu and click Create, then select the desired Spotguide from the catalog.

    Spotguides menu

  • Fill in the fields listed on the questionary. These fields are specific to the Spotguide and are needed for the application being deployed by the Spotguide.

  • Click Save at the bottom of the questionary to proceed to the next step.

    Spotguides save

  • Select either an existing or create a new Kubernetes cluster for the Spotguide.

  • Click CREATE SPOTGUIDE to only create a repository on GitHub with the name provided by user under the currently selected organization. This repository holds the Spotguide descriptors that controls the CICD flow that deploys the Spotguide. CREATE & LAUNCH SPOTGUIDE deploys the Spotguide to the cluster immediately.

    Create & Launch

  • The execution of the deployment steps of the Spotguide can be visualized by clicking on Build details button.

    Build details

  • Once the Spotguide is successfully deployed, check the summary page for further instructions about the use of the Spotguide.

    Spotguide summary