This page is outdated. Please check for up-to-date documentation.

SCM personal access token

To use Pipeline CI/CD first you have to provide a SCM personal access token to the Pipeline to access your SCM API (GitHub, GitLab, etc...).


First, navigate to to acquire a GitHub personal access token.

Attaching Pipeline Secrets

Press Generate new token.

Attaching Pipeline Secrets

Give a description to the new token so later on you will for what reason you generated it.

Select the scopes required by CI/CD:

  • repo
  • read:org
  • admin:repo_hook
  • read:user
  • user:email

Press Generate token and copy this token to your clipboard.

Now you have to paste this token to the Pipeline controlplane settings page.

Insert the token 1

Paste the token and press Save.

Insert the token 2

Now you are able to use the CI?/CD and Spotguides features as well. You can revoke the given token anytime from the Pipeline settings page, in this way it becomes unregistered in the Pipeline secret store. If you wish to globally revoke the token, you have to do it on the GitHub token settings page.